Established as a small street food stall, we begins our journey with the first shop at 175 Hai Phong, Da Nang, with only two options on the menu: creme caramel and coconut jelly. It sounds simple however, the unique blend of in-store freshly squeezed coconut milk and burned caramel had win our customer hearts… Since then, the innovation mind hasn’t stopped.

To continue the journey of cooking better sweets, Che Lien founder continue to add to the menu: chocolate jelly, three flavour jelly and jelly in coconut. All of these jellies are cooked from coconut water and coconut milk made fresh daily. As simple as it is, but the secret recipe in here is the freshness of ingredients and the love of our cook to every little sweet are made.
Looking for more innovations and changes to serve our valued customers, Che Lien kitchen seeked for more unique and fun sweets to satisfy the adventurous spirit of our customers. More sweets are made: pandan tofu served with durian and coconut milk, pandan jelly with pudding, cream jelly and thai fruity sweet with durian. These sweets are quickly well received by our customers, especially the thai fruity sweet. It was called by different names, but our customers often called it with a dear name: Lien durian sweet. It warms our heart that our customer personalised the sweet with our name. With the love from our customers, Che Lien will continue to grow with innovations and master more unique sweets which keep our own value of freshness and fun.


List of Lien's address that you can enjoy!


    175 Hai Phong


    320 Dien Bien Phu


    80 Le Thanh Nghi