Lien sweets satisfy the Vietnamese cultural habit of enjoying street food. From familiar dishes, Che Lien brings traditional but unique taste to our customers with reasonable price that everyone can enjoy. Lien-thai-sweet has struck our brand with success, from its uniqueness of many flavours.
Durian Although unsure where the thai-durian-sweet dish is originally from, Thailand or Malaysia, though it has all of the characteristics of the South-East Asian food culture, especially from the ingredient – durian. Not only known with its nutrition, durian is also called king of all fruits because according to ancient stories, kings used it as a precious gift. Durian has its special smell and taste that some hate it and some love it. Vietnam is one of the South East Asian countries that can grow this fruit and we are proudly choosing the best of them to serve our customers.
Fresh coconut milk Durian is not the only ingredient that creates the popularity of our famous dish. To customers that can not eat durian, the freshly squeezed coconut milk is the one that make its deliciousness. Similar to durian, coconut milk is one of the signature twist in South East Asian food culture. Not only having nutrition, coconut milk create the creamy and fresh taste to compliment our dish. We devote to continue to keep our ingredient, especially coconut milk, made fresh daily to serve only the best to our valued customers.